Speaker Bio: Dr. Mike Muglia

Dr. Mike Muglia

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Dr. Mike Muglia is the Assistant Director of Science and Research for the NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program (NROEP) and an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Coastal Studies at the ECU Coastal Studies Institute on the Outer Banks of NC. His scientific interests include understanding variability in position and transport of western boundary currents; the complex confluence of different shelf water masses; shelf and deep ocean exchange processes; meridional overturning circulation linkages between western boundary currents and deep western boundary currents; and applying his oceanographic knowledge to developing renewable ocean energy solutions.

Mike has extensive experience integrating, deploying, maintaining, and recovering many different types of observing systems; analyzing oceanographic observations; instructing students; and managing field projects with faculty, graduate students, and private industry partners. He studied marine science and biology at the University of Miami where he became captivated by physics. He returned to UNCW to get a BS in physics and received a MS in Physics from UNC-CH before returning to complete his Ph.D. in marine science there. Mike is a self-described surf junkie and hates to miss a wave on the Outer Banks. He also enjoys fishing, diving, and everything salty. He is also the Vice President for Product Development for Fathom Science